Offensive Parking

Stopping bad parking one schmuck at a time

20  03 2009



At some point in your life you have probably been adversely affected by someone else’s bad parking skills.  Perhaps you have even been the perpetrator of bad parking.  We all do it every now and then.

Offensive Parking was originally intended to be a cathartic outlet for its creators to help them cope with the “Yellow Line Challenged” members of society who are encountered in parking lots and garages on a daily basis.  The site has evolved into a source of useful information for both the offended party and the offender.

As an offended party you will find:

  • Free parking tickets that can be printed and distributed to the person who has offended you with their bad parking
  • Humorous pictures of other bad parking jobs to help you put your incident in perspective, give you a good laugh and perhaps make you feel better

For the offender, the site offers:

  • Handy “How-to Guides” to assist you with your future parking endeavors
  • Humorous pictures of other bad parking jobs which provide examples of what not to attempt when parking and perhaps make you feel better (when you realize that you are not the only one with inadequate parking skills)

It should be noted that this site was NOT created to promote the deep hatred for bad parkers that already exists in the world.  Instead, this site should serve as a subtle (or maybe not so much) reminder that we should all respect our parking neighbors and exercise consideration when leaving our large hunks of metal in a public place.

After all, there is a reason why they paint the lines!

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  1. Hahaha nice pictures! As for the parking tickets, is it illegal to put that on someone’s car? Because I really want to do that lol

  2. But I didn’t want to use the ladder!

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