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05 2009

Parking Fun – Create a Caption #13


Can you think of a funny caption for this picture? Leave it in the comments below and we’ll pick the top few.

16 Responses to “Parking Fun – Create a Caption #13”

  1. Who did it? Your mother in law?

  2. “im not sure thats what your mom meant when she said she was car pooling this week”

  3. Remember where we parked

  4. can iwash your car miss?

  5. this way we dont need parking cones

  6. what happened?

    fucking toyotas.

  7. “WOAH! The valet service does suck!”

  8. And then they discovered that the car in the pool was only a reflection…

  9. I can explain I just need more water to wash the car so I use the pool

  10. Told u it was waterproof

  11. Dude where’s my car, ummmmm……………..I’m sure its somewhere Steve

  12. I think I flooded the engine.

  13. See? I told you the Honda was a fucking submarine

  14. the car needed a wash anyways

  15. i knew i shouldn’t have let my mom drive my car

  16. no caption needed

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